Joseph P. Lupo, M.D.

Joseph P. Lupo, M.D.Dr. Joseph P. Lupo is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He provides years of training with the country’s top plastic surgeons and brings a commitment to help change the lives of his patients – regardless of the procedure. For him, it’s about taking the time to listen, then working together to form the best plan of action.

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Bennett Boustany Fontenot, M.D.

Bennett Boustany Fontenot, M.D.Dr. Bennett Boustany Fontenot is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He believes in providing his patients with not only the latest and most advanced techniques, buy also the best outcome, regardless of the procedure. For him, it’s also about the experience itself, where he takes the time to make sure questions are answered and your wants and needs are accounted for.

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Real Patient Testimonials

  • "I just had my first surgery with the doctor and his treatment of me was beyond my expectations… I would not hesitate to recommend the doctor to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon."
    - Heather M.

Our Practice

Drs. Lupo and Fontenot have teamed up to bring their practice to the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center of Acadiana at Lafayette General. Their brand new, luxurious office is located in Lafayette's Oil Center.

Both surgeons specialize in aesthetic surgery of the face, body and breast, and full body reconstruction, with a special emphasis on breast reconstruction including the DIEP flap. They are committed to redefining the standards of personalized care. Bringing their experience, expertise and innovation to Acadiana, they aim to provide you with natural results while leaving a lasting impression.

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