Everyone wants to look youthful for as long as possible. Unfortunately, with the effects of the aging process, it can be an uphill battle. Many women experience sagging of the breasts after significant weight loss, after breastfeeding, or as a symptom of aging. For a perkier, firmer, and more youthful shape for a woman’s sagging breasts, there is no procedure more effective than the breast lift.

This surgery will not only enhance the appearance of your breasts by restoring their beautiful and feminine shape, it will also ensure that you feel more comfortable and attractive when wearing swimsuits and bras.


How do you know whether you need a breast lift or not? One method of testing the degree of sagging of your breasts is the pencil test. You can place a pencil just beneath your breasts and check if it stays in the breast fold or falls down. In cases where the pencil does not move, breast lift surgery may be a good idea.

Here are a few common reasons why women opt for a breast lift surgery:

  • The breasts are experiencing moderate to severe drooping
  • It is difficult to see any visible skin beneath the areola (when viewing the breasts from the front)
  • The areola has started to point downwards or is reaching the breast’s end
  • The size of the areola is noticeably large (patient wants reduction in areola size)


If you’ve decided to undergo breast lift surgery, it’s good to have a chat with your plastic surgeon and get a comprehensive understanding of the procedure. During this discussion, you will tell your plastic surgeon about your aesthetic goals. Your plastic surgeon will then explain your options in greater detail.


Typically, this procedure is undertaken on an outpatient basis. This means there is no need for you to stay overnight at the hospital or clinic. The surgery usually takes around three hours to complete.

In a breast lift surgery, your surgeon will typically start by marking the exact position for repositioning the nipple. Following that, you will be taken to get sedation or general anesthesia in an operating room.

An incision will then be created in order to give the surgeon access to the underlying tissues. There are many options for breast lift incisions, and the right incision for you will depend on the amount of sagging to be corrected.

Options for incision patterns include the anchor incision (for breasts with a greater degree of sagging), the lollipop incision (for moderate sag), and the donut incision (for moderate to less sagging).

While performing the breast lift surgery, your surgeon will proceed by removing the excessive skin on your breasts and will lift up the breast tissue and place it in the correct location. This repositions the areolae higher on your chest wall. Your surgeon will end the procedure by closing the incisions with stitches and bandaging your breasts.


Before your surgery, your surgeon will give you instructions on the healing process. Follow these closely in order to experience a comfortable recovery with a minimum of risk for complications.

Drains may be placed in the breast area for a time in order to help carry out excess fluids. These plastic tubes are instrumental in preventing certain post-surgical complications.

Stitches will be removed by the surgeon within two to three weeks of the date of the surgery. Throughout the healing process, there will be a consistent improvement in the shape and perkiness of your breasts.


Speak with Doctor Lupo during a breast lift consultation to find out more about the procedure and the healing process. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today.