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Written on August 30, 2016

Leah: You mind if I ask what surgery Dr. Lupo performed for you?
Angie: He did a reconstruction surgery on my right foot.

L: How did you choose him? Was he recommended?
A: He was recommended by surgeons I had, I really had no idea where to start.

L: How did you feel when you went to his office? Were you nervous? Did he make you feel comfortable?
A: I was actually terrified, but he made me feel comfortable. It was kinda like we’ll see how this goes thing in my case. Everything did turn out for the best.

L: Good, did he answer your questions? Was he personable?
A: I mean, there were lots of questions, I mean what we were dealing with is something I don’t think is done in this area. He basically had to reconstruct my, I had a tumor that removed the top half of my foot, so I mean it was big. It’s going on for two years. He was very professional but I felt I could approach him with questions. He’s not only a great doctor but a great person.

L: that’s wonderful that he made you feel that way. I know you said it’s been multiple surgeries, is the reconstruction finished?
A: For the most part it’s finished, but my body is just as stubborn as I am, not everything is textbook.

L: Are you happy with the way it looks so far?
A: My mom said I could have been an extra on walking dead, people shouldn’t be able to see their tendons in their foot. Now I have a foot! So yes, I’m very happy.

L: I’m very happy to hear that! Now there is a piece of equipment in their office called the Vectra? I know yours is a bit more of a special case, did you use that? It shows you what the results of surgery could be.
A: No I don’t remember that, no mam.

L: It sounds like you have a positive experience overall, I mean, obviously it’s been traumatic with your foot, but would you recommend Dr. Lupo to other people?
A: Oh Yes mam.

L: and what would you tell them about him?
A: Whenever he says if there are any questions, to call him, he meant it. He seems to be just as concerned or disappointed. I mean, this wasn’t textbook, there were a few surgeries, they had to try different things, they tried a skin graft, it was a new kind when it failed he was just as upset about it as I was. He really took it upon himself to make sure I had the best care, he made it his personal mission. It was beyond what a doctor’s job is, it showed what kind of person he was.

by Angie B.