Breast reconstruction is a highly personalized procedure that focuses on creating and shaping new breasts that are symmetrical, beautiful, and natural-looking. Breast reconstruction can restore and enhance the appearance of your breasts to help you feel more confident and comfortable with your body.

Implant reconstruction and flap reconstruction (reconstruction using natural tissue) are the two main approaches used for the procedure, and there are a variety of techniques used within these that can provide different specific results. Both approaches are safe and offer outstanding results, and each comes with its own benefits and requirements.

The approach used for your breast reconstruction will be determined based on factors such as your health, the condition of your body, and your desired results from the procedure. During your consultation, any pertinent information regarding the procedure will be collected and your options will be presented and explained completely and coherently.


Implant reconstruction can provide beautiful and natural-looking breasts. This approach utilizes the same type of implants used for breast augmentation. The implants can be made of either saline or silicone gel, depending on your desired results. The size of these implants can be customized to suit your body goals and can be used to improve the proportions of your body to enhance its appeal.

Implant reconstruction can be an extensive but very rewarding process. In some cases, there is not enough tissue present to cover the implant. In order to ensure that there is enough skin tissue, a tissue expander is placed in the breast. The tissue expander is gradually filled with saline solution over the course of several months to create space for the implant. Once the tissue expander has reached a size equivalent to that of your actual implant, the expander is removed and replaced with your breast implant. This approach requires a minimum of two surgeries but provides you with breasts that have a natural appeal.


Flap reconstruction offers the unique benefit of using your body’s own natural tissue to replace the breast tissue that has been lost. Fat, skin, and sometimes muscle tissue are harvested from a donor site located on your body, typically the belly, back, thighs, or buttocks. The harvested flap of tissue is molded into your desired breast shape, placed in the breast area, and then stitched in place.

Flap reconstruction comes with a number of benefits. The most notable of these is the longevity of the results it provides. By using your body’s own natural tissue, the tissue used for your new breasts can attach to the blood supply, allowing the tissue to thrive in its new location for years and in many cases for life. The use of natural tissue also provides natural-looking results that feel like your normal breasts.

In some flap reconstruction cases, a combination of flap reconstruction and implants is used, which requires the use of tissue expanders. This is commonly done when the patient desires a significantly larger breast size or if the patient does not have enough natural body tissue for the procedure.


If you’re interested in finding out more about implant reconstruction and natural-tissue reconstruction, contact our office and arrange a consultation with Dr. Lupo.