How to Determine the Breast Implant Size for your Body

Published on May 20, 2021


Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States and a very effective method of increasing the size and enhancing the appearance of smaller breasts. In most cases, augmentation is carried out using artificial implants – soft plastic shells filled with either saline or silicone solution.


If you’ve chosen to undergo breast augmentation surgery, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what size you would like your new breasts to be. Here’s our advice on how to determine the best breast implant size for your body. 



Size and Volume


Breast implant size is the single most influential factor in how implants will affect your appearance. Don’t expect to be certain of your choice right away. In fact, it’s normal for patients to change their minds several times as they weigh up the different options available to them. 


Firstly, it’s crucial to be aware that implant sizes don’t correlate exactly to bra cup sizes. You’ll quickly discover that pre-filled implants are measured in volume, and the greater the volume, the larger the breasts will be and the further outwards on the chest they will extend. However, you also need to take diameter into account. Implants come in different diameters and the wider an implant is, the flatter it will sit on the chest. 



The Shape of Your Implant


Many people are unaware that breast implants come in different shapes as well as sizes. The round shape is the most well-known. As you might expect, it’s perfectly symmetrical and gives the breasts the same level of fullness all the way around. However, some say that this makes them more obviously artificial. The alternative is to choose teardrop-shaped implants which are heavier at the bottom and therefore more closely resemble natural breast tissue. Nevertheless, the teardrop shape doesn’t create the dramatic level of volume that some women prefer. 



In-Clinic Sizing


The best way to determine which implant size is right for you is to attend your in-clinic sizing session with your cosmetic surgeon. This usually takes place during your consultation as your surgeon will want to be sure that you are a suitable candidate for the implant size that you would like. In-clinic sizing typically involves using real-life artificial implants which you can place into your bra to see how your breasts could look and how heavy they will feel. You’ll need to bring a couple of bras in the sizes that you are considering to ensure you have space to do this. 


In addition, your surgeon may offer visualization imaging. This is where they will take pictures of your breast and then use a computer program to enlarge them to your chosen sizes. This simulation of results is not 100% accurate but can give you a pretty good idea of what you could expect to look like depending on the sizes chosen. 



Listen to Your Implant Surgeon


Your breast augmentation surgeon will be committed to making sure that you are satisfied with the outcome of your procedure and so they too will make recommendations as to what they believe is the best size of implant for your body size and proportions. A great surgeon has years of experience to draw on, and so their opinion is extremely valuable. If you feel that your surgeon is suggesting a smaller size than you would like, ask them to explain their reasons for their recommendation as this will help you to see their point of view and make an informed decision about your body. Bear in mind that if your surgeon believes that your choice could negatively impact your body or your health, they could refuse to perform the procedure if a compromise can’t be reached. This is for your own safety and to ensure the best possible outcome from treatment. 




If you are considering breast augmentation surgery and would like more advice on choosing the right size implants for your breasts, don’t hesitate to speak to our experienced and discreet cosmetic surgery team in Lafayette LA.