Is Liposuction an Alternative for Weight Loss?

Published on January 25, 2023
By Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Acadiana

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests that people shouldn’t look at cosmetic surgery as an alternative for weight loss. Shedding extra pounds is always a goal for many people. However, if you are thinking about liposuction to achieve weight loss, you may want to consider a few more details before you decide.


Fat Does Not Make up a Huge Percentage of Body Weight


Liposuction is a safe way to remove excess fat. Even so, it does not give you drastic weight loss results. Fat is lighter than muscle and water. Taking off two liters of fat through liposuction may sound significant, but this is only equal to about five pounds.


Liposuction Removes Little Fat

The main goal of liposuction is to shape your body so you can get a head start in losing weight. Doctors often recommend that you be within 10 pounds of your desired weight when you choose to get this procedure. Surgically removing more than five liters of body fat is not healthy. Doing so will result in dangers like blood clots, infections, and dehydration.


Fat Can Always Come Back

Gaining weight after your liposuction will happen when fat starts to gather in the areas not treated before. There’s also a high chance that you will regain the fat removed via liposuction if you don’t work to maintain the results. Some people may experience fat storage within the abdomen, an area where liposuction cannot help.


Diet and Exercise Are Important After Liposuction

Fitness and weight loss will always be a journey. Even if liposuction gives you a good-looking shape, you will still need to work hard to keep it. Keeping excess fat away will need discipline and dedication or the fat will keep coming back. Healthy choices are important. They will prevent regaining the fat you lost through liposuction.

This procedure targets your subcutaneous fat, which is resistant to exercise and diet. Your chin, thighs, back, and upper arms also have this type of fat. Stomach rolls and love handles are also examples of subcutaneous fat.


Liposuction Is Not an Alternative for Weight Loss

The procedure does not get rid of stretch marks, cellulite, or dimples. You will get aesthetic results and your body will achieve a better shape after your liposuction. Liposuction can give you the contour that you want by removing fat cells permanently. It gives you a good foundation to restart a healthy and fit body. As long as you choose to live healthily, you can maintain your liposuction results.


Good Candidates

This procedure will give you better results if you change your lifestyle and diet choices. Getting better sleep is also necessary. You can be a good candidate for liposuction if you:


  • Want to get rid of stubborn fat in specific areas of your body

  • Can maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet after the procedure

  • Have good skin elasticity and tone

  • Are at least 18 years old and healthy


Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that improves your appearance more than it does your health. You must work hard to maintain its results. At Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Acadiana, we help our patients achieve their cosmetic goals after their procedures. Please visit our clinic in Lafayette, Louisiana, for an in-person consultation. Call us at 337-504-3640 to set an appointment or ask about our liposuction packages.