Benefits of Latisse

Published on March 31, 2021


Do you want longer, thicker, and more visible eyelashes? You aren’t alone. Statement eyelashes are extremely desirable, but unfortunately, many of us aren’t blessed with naturally bold eyelashes. While mascara and eyeliner can go some way towards giving us the appearance of thicker lashes, the effects are temporary and can be difficult to keep consistent across both eyes. Store-bought false eyelashes are often poor quality, difficult to apply, and prone to falling off, while professional eyelash extensions are great for a special occasion but are expensive to maintain. Fortunately, there is another option – Latisse. 



What is Latisse?


Latisse is an FDA-approved eyelash growth solution that is prescribed to lengthen, thicken and darken eyelashes. Many cosmetic experts recommend that Latisse is used with artificial eyelash extensions, particularly since when extensions are removed, lashes are more prone to falling out. People who start using Latisse beforehand typically find that their fallout rate is much lower. 


Latisse works by lengthening the time that the follicle of each eyelash stays in the growth phase, enabling lashes to grow longer and thicker. Since it is a natural process, it takes some time for the results to be visible. Most people start to notice longer lashes around 4 weeks after starting treatment, but experts recommend that Latisse is used consistently, every day for at least 16 weeks, in order to achieve optimal results. 



What are the Benefits of Latisse?


There’s plenty of benefits to choosing Latisse to help you to grow darker, fuller, and more luscious eyelashes. 


Easy application


Latisse is very easy and quick to apply, meaning that it doesn’t interfere with your day. The solution is applied to the upper lash line each day and left to be absorbed. It takes just seconds and our team will demonstrate exactly how to do it to make sure you are confident with the process before you leave.


Save money and effort on other lash solutions


How many mascaras have you tried, only to find that they don’t produce the results that you want? 


Latisse is safe for contact lens wearers too


Many people who wear contact lenses are worried about any sort of treatment that goes near their eyes. Fortunately, neither contact lenses or glasses are barriers to treatment, and our team will be happy to show you how to apply the product.


A long-term solution


You may have to wait at least a few weeks for your results, but Latisse offers patients a long-term solution for short, stubby lashes and helps them to achieve the definition and attention that they are looking for. 



For more information about the benefits of Latisse eyelash extensions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our discreet and knowledgeable cosmetic team in Lafayette, LA.