Getting a Breast Reconstruction With Natural Tissue

Published on August 12, 2020
By Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Acadiana

For the longest period, a big percentage of women who need breast reconstruction chose foreign implants over natural tissue reconstruction. However, there is a trend where women are now going back to have their implants removed or replaced with natural tissue. This is because a good number of women are having bad experiences with foreign implants.

Breast reconstruction uses natural tissue; autologous reconstruction is hence becoming a trend. Here is what you need to know about breast reconstruction with natural tissue.


No Foreign Implants Are Used


Implants that are foreign to the body pose a risk of rejection. With autologous tissue reconstruction, doctors harvest natural tissue from the patient’s body. The human body is most likely to accept implants made with natural tissue material. This is good since chances of rejection are minimal.


Minimal Infection Rate


Most complications from implants arise from infection around the implant site. The patient’s tissue encounters the implant and develops irritation that leads to infection. To minimize this risk, patients opt for tissue transplants over foreign implants.


Less Risk of Rapturing


Wear and tear are a possibility when foreign implants are used. As the implants age, they degrade and are more likely to rapture. Over time, the patient may have to go back and have another surgery to ensure that the implants do not rapture in the body. With natural tissue, you never have to worry about implants rapturing.


Easier Management of Scarring


In some patients, a follow-up procedure of scar management may be required. Sometimes, the patient develops scar tissue around the implants that hardens with time making the site rigid and painful. Treatment calls for removal and replacement of the implant. With natural tissue implants, the scarring is manageable and no implant removal is required should the problem arise.


It Feels Natural


Aesthetically, it looks and feels much better than the foreign implants. Some patients, for example, cancer patients with double mastectomies, have a hard time adapting to their new bodies. Foreign implants might feel cold and foreign adding to their denial or PTSD. With natural tissue implants, these patients feel that the breast is still there.


You Feel Better


In some cases, the surgeon can restore sensation to the breast after the implant process. This makes the natural tissue implant aesthetically and functionally superior. It may take longer to heal and reconstruct, but the satisfaction on a mastectomy patient who can feel her breasts again is immeasurable. Sometimes, it can even come in handy when breastfeeding which is an added advantage to the patient.


No Cases of Displacement


Silicone breast implants are notorious for displacement cases. Some implants dislodge from their place when flexing or due to blunt trauma to the chest. People who engage in sports activity for example are at risk of having displaced implants. With natural tissue implants, you do not have to worry about implant displacement.

It is important to discuss with your surgeon in detail so that you can know if you are eligible for autologous tissue reconstruction surgery.


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