What Do Thigh Lifts Help With?

Published on January 26, 2022
By Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Acadiana

Warm weather can be exciting when you get to wear your bathing suit. However, it can make women who are uncomfortable with their thighs a little uneasy. Some women resort to wearing fashionable waist wraps that hang low enough to cover their thighs. If this describes you, maybe it is time to consider getting a thigh lift.


What Is a Thigh Lift?


It is a body sculpting cosmetic surgery used to reshape women’s thighs. Also known as thighplasty, it helps improve the appearance and overall shape of the thighs. To maintain proportions, surgeons focus on the inner and outer thigh during the procedure.


Thigh lifts can address several issues resulting from weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. So, here is a look at how thigh lifts can help.


Removal of Excess Skin


Due to many circumstances like weight loss or illness, you might experience excess skin on your thighs. While cosmetic weight loss procedures eliminate excess fat deposits, they do not sculpt the body. As a result, they tend to leave some loose skin.


Additionally, you can lose weight by exercising. But without right toning, you will develop excess skin. Aging is a huge factor too. The skin often loses elasticity as you grow older. A thigh lift procedure can help rid this excess skin. You will end up with shapelier and firmer thighs.


Reduction of Stretch Marks


Weight fluctuations in women can result in stretch marks around the buttock and thigh area. If you are looking to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, a thigh lift procedure can help. It can tighten your skin, making them less visible.


It also makes your skin appear softer and more beautiful. If you have excessive or deep stretch marks, cosmetic surgeons can perform a skin resurfacing procedure. This further reduces their appearance.


Reducing Risk of Skin Infections


When you have excess skin, folds can form and trap sweat. The moisture in the folds creates good breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. By eliminating the excess skin and subsequently the folds, chances of infection are significantly reduced.


Other Benefits


A thigh lift procedure can help you with:


  • Restoring your self-confidence due to an improved appearance

  • Achieving a more proportional and shapely body after losing weight

  • Eliminating chafing between your thighs

  • The ability to adorn your body with clothes of your choice


In Conclusion


A thigh lift is a serious procedure that should be expertly done. The surgery alters your appearance permanently, so only a professional should perform it. Ensure you get the service from a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon for the best results.


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