Why Get an Arm Lift?

Published on May 8, 2020
By Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Acadiana

Are you unhappy with the texture and shape of your arms? You may benefit consulting a cosmetic surgeon about the procedure called Brachioplasty or the basic arm lift procedure. This treatment improves the tone, consistency, and shape of your arms. If you’re thinking about having an arm lift done, let’s talk about the common reasons for having one.


Altered Shape and Tone


Brachioplasty can provide the necessary lift to alter the general shape of your arms in such a way that they look toned. With this procedure, the surgeon removes the flabbiness that you just can’t seem to eliminate with exercise. Excess tissue blocks the appearance of the toned arm muscles underneath. By eliminating them with the arm lift, the flabby appearance will disappear.


Removal of Surplus Skin and Fat


Your surgeon will take off the excess skin and adipose tissues that hang when you extend or relax your arms. The significant reduction of the said tissues will leave a slimmer appearance of the area between the elbow and the armpit. The extra skin will be excised, and the extra fat will be taken out through liposuction.


Obscured Scarring


Experts claim that many individuals want an arm lift because it doesn’t leave a pronounced scar. The scarring is usually concealed behind the arm, in the armpit, or in the inner arm. Scarring after this procedure is extremely minimal, usually inconspicuous. Surgeons always recommend creams that could lighten the scars, but the marks typically disappear on their own.


Improved Proportions


Once you have a Brachioplasty, your arms will be more proportional to your body. When people lose an excessive amount of weight, their arms tend to sag because of aging and gravity. Through an arm lift procedure, extra fat and skin will disappear. This makes your whole body look more balanced.


Better Outlines


Arm lift surgery can bring back the elasticity of your skin. The skin’s natural elasticity usually reduces with aging or huge weight loss. A Brachioplasty allows you to regain your lost skin elasticity, resulting in augmented curves in your arms.


More Outfit Choices


You should consider replacing your old clothes once you get Brachioplasty. A significant amount of bulge will disappear once the arm lift procedure is done. This will decrease your clothing size from an extra-large to a medium or perhaps even a small. Your arms may be small enough for you to wear sleeveless tops or dresses when you go out.


Enhanced Exercise Results

Once you undergo an arm lift, there will be no excess skin or fat that hinders the toning of your muscle tissue. As you work out, you will gain more strength. You will feel the effects of your exercises as well.


Restored Confidence


A good Brachioplasty can bring back your self-esteem. You’ll never be conscious of how your arms look anymore. The tautness you feel and see is also noticeable to others.



Are you ready to have an arm lift procedure? At the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Acadiana, we can guide you through the steps of the procedure and help you prepare for it. Please drop by our clinic in Lafayette, Louisiana, for a walk-in consultation. Feel free to call us at 337-226-0400 for more information.